FCSN SNTutoring Summer End Fun Showcase

By Hillary Chang, FCSN Voices Youth Reporter On August 1, FCSN members gathered on a Sunday evening to celebrate the talents cultivated within the SNTutoring program. FCSN’s first ever SNTutoring Summer End Fun Showcase showcased appreciation to the tutors who regularly met with their students for sessions filled with learning, bonding, and fun. SNTutoring wasContinue reading “FCSN SNTutoring Summer End Fun Showcase”

Connecting through Music with SNTutoring

By Jennie Wang, SNTutoring Youth Volunteer Hello! I’m Jennie Wang, and I have been volunteering for FCSN for 1.5 years. I am currently a part of the FCSN SNTutoringProgram, which provides 1:1 flexible subject virtual tutoring, and I would love to share my story with the FCSN community! Last June, just a few days before myContinue reading “Connecting through Music with SNTutoring”

Six and a Half Tips to Make Virtual Volunteering AWESOME!

By Anna Kuang, FCSN Teen Volunteer You’ve heard from your friend how amazing FCSN is. You’ve read on this blog the many joys that volunteering brings. You feel encouraged by the pictures of smiling high schoolers and the beaming kids next to them. You’ve finished the Volunteer orientation and chosen the program you want toContinue reading “Six and a Half Tips to Make Virtual Volunteering AWESOME!”

FCSN’s Virtual Learning Programs

By Mannching Wang, FCSN Youth Volunteer Coordinator When FCSN temporarily closed its programs to comply with Sheltering in Place for safety to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was glad to hear that our FCSN volunteers wanted to continue teaching programs to our children. Jacob Wang and hisContinue reading “FCSN’s Virtual Learning Programs”

From SNTutoring Tutor Jackie Wong

By Jackie Wong, FCSN SNTutoring High School Volunteer Hi! I’m Jackie Wong and I have been a tutor for the SNTutoring program for two months. I tutor drawing and since beginning in July, every week’s session has been so rewarding.  I found out about this program at FCSN through the club at my school andContinue reading “From SNTutoring Tutor Jackie Wong”