Our program, under the nonprofit organization Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN), is dedicated to helping individuals with special needs find love, hope, respect, and support. We match special needs students with FCSN youth and adult volunteers to develop meaningful friendship bonds that last through all the turbulences and difficulties in today’s world.

What We Do

FCSN helps connect youth and adult volunteers with special needs individuals. They build a valuable relationships through online 1:1 tutoring sessions while working on any academic subjects or non-academic activities of their choice. Furthermore, with our support, parents and tutors can work together to customize curriculum/materials according to each student’s functioning level, interests, and needs. The tutoring time can be flexible to fit the schedules of each tutor and student.

To assure the quality of the tutoring sessions, an experienced supervisor will routinely review parents’ feedback and tutors’ after-class reports, then take action as needed. FCSN will honor all class preparation, communication, and actual tutoring hours as volunteer hours.

What We Offer

One-On-One Classes

Connect and form long-lasting friendships with your buddy through one-on-one classes. We are committed to ensuring that our special needs students get much-needed social interaction and form tight bonds by joining the SNTutoring family.

Flexible Subjects & Time

Our program is completely flexible to each child’s interests and needs. Our student-volunteer matches are interest-based, and you can work with your tutor to select and design materials customized to your child’s unique talents, skills, and interests. Our program is also flexible to your schedule.

Virtual Sessions

All classes will be held virtually. Our program has no location constraints and is very flexible to your schedule.

Join the SNTutoring Family

SN Individuals:

Create a new friendship with a volunteer buddy and join the SNTutoring family! Fill out the registration form today to sign your child up to be matched with an FCSN volunteer to begin tutoring.

Become a Volunteer:

Sign up to become a volunteer for our program and have one of the most meaningful and rewarding volunteer experiences. All your preparation, communication, and tutoring time are accredited by the nonprofit organization FCSN.

Parent Testimonials

“My son’s tutor Minjae has been wonderful. He came really prepared to the session. He used photos, videos, and drawings to help my son understand the concepts. I even learned a few things from him. Minjae is so young yet so professional, patient, and encouraging. I can’t express enough how thankful we are.”
― Yvette, SNTutoring Parent

Maggie Lai, our lovely youth volunteer, is very patient, and come well prepared to the class, always follow up with an email after class to see if any adjustment is needed for the future class. We are very happy with this 1:1 tutoring program.
― Sue, SNTutoring Parent

What Subjects Do You Offer?

Anything! Our program is completely flexible to each child’s needs

Popular Subjects

25+ volunteer-student matches learning piano
67+ volunteer-student matches learning reading
43+ volunteer-student matches learning math

Our Matching Process

We will primarily use each child’s interests to match them with volunteer tutors with similar interests. We also try to take into account any special requests you may have because we know that no two children with special needs are exactly alike and we want to ensure the best possible experience for each child and each tutor. Our supervisor and the team will guard the quality of the tutoring sessions with training, check-ins, reviewing supporting requests, and responding effectively.

About Us

We are SNTutoring, a program that provides 1:1 flexible subject virtual tutoring to students with special needs.

We match special needs students with volunteer buddies for 1:1 tutoring sessions.


FCSN’s mission is to help individuals with special needs and their families find love, hope, respect, and support through integrated community involvement.