From Parents

We are very fortunate to have Katherine and Alina as Daniel’s tutors. They are young, patient, encouraging, and professional! They came really prepared to the lessons. Daniel has been enjoying and expecting to meet them every lesson. We can’t express enough how thankful we are. We are extremely thankful to the SNTutoring management team, thank you for your dedicated effects to help my family in this terrible stay in home year.”

“Katie has been an excellent tutor. She is always well prepared with slides and online reading material.  I asked her to read Scholastic stories or news online with my son.  She took the time to pick out stories that my son is interested in and prepared slides with vocabulary list and introduction for pre-teaching.  Once she found out more about my son’s reading level, she adjusted her material accordingly. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and observant tutor in this “shelter-in-place” period.  Please let her know how much we appreciate her effort.”

“My son’s tutor Minjae has been wonderful. He came really prepared to the session. He used photos, videos, and drawings to help my son understand the concepts. I even learned a few things from him. Minjae is so young yet so professional, patient, and encouraging. I can’t express enough how thankful we are.”

“Stephen is Ansley’s 1:1 tutor. He is well prepared with teaching materials every time. He use both zoom and class board as teaching tools and is very patient. Ansley is happy to have such excellent tutor during this shelter-in-place period. We also appreciate your time and effort coordinating the tutorial classes!”

“My son’s 1:1 tutor, Andrew is also wonderful. He seems to have lots of math tutoring and Zoom experience. He tested out Brian’s levels item by item (count to 100, count to 1000, 1 digit add, 2 digits add — etc.) He is also open to suggestions, like skipping clock reading because I don’t think it’s needed. He is very effective in using the Zoom White Board, be able to stamp/paste objects and money on the White Board for clear effective teaching. Thank you so much for the fine training and coordination of this wonderful 1:1 tutoring program.”

“Nisa has been wonderful with Victor. She was a natural teacher. She was clear with instructions, usually come prepared with materials and sometimes follows up the class with reviews and homework. She also found articles, videos, and quizzes online to aid the teaching. The review email has been really helpful, and we’d appreciate more of them.”

“Eric did an excellent job! I was surprised to find out what he can make Van-Hai talk so well! Thank you very much to give us this opportunity!”

We are very fortunate to have Chris as Peter’s tutor. He is so patient and so encouraging! He made math fun and engaging. Every time after a class, Peter asks when he’ll have Chris’ math class again.

Matthew is very patient. Though Demian is talkative, Matthew always pays attention and replies to Demian’s questions. After changed the schedule I forgot one tutor. Since then Matthew reminds us every time . Thanks for his kindness and responsibility! Matthew will communicates with me, accepts my opinion and base on Demian’s condition adjusts his tutor.

“I’m impressed with their [the tutors’] dedication. They’re juggling a busy schedule for sure, yet 1 tutor even volunteered to add a second session per week. Some are so serious and mature for their age. 😁”

“SNTutoring volunteers are outstanding. 👍👍”
“Totally agreed. They are wonderful.”

From Volunteer Tutors

“I found out about this program at FCSN through the club at my school and I immediately took interest in it. The fact that I had complete control over what I wanted to teach and when the sessions were was very appealing and I had no trouble implementing it into my schedule! The coordinators were also very accommodating and were able to clear up any questions that I had, making the process of starting to volunteer very seamless and stress free. I was soon paired with my student and set up with a way to contact the parents. Before the first session, I asked questions that I felt would help me get to know her and help make the transition to the first class easier. Once I began volunteering, I immediately bonded with my student. I viewed these tutoring sessions as a time to draw and have a conversation with a friend … I have gotten just as much out of this tutoring experience as my student and I am grateful to be a part of this program.”

Jackie Wong, SNTutoring Tutor

Thank you so much FCSN for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful community. January marks my one year anniversary of volunteering with FCSN. I am so grateful to have joined FCSN. I look forward every week to meeting all the students and it is so much fun for me to do activities with them. When school gets stressful, I always look forward to going to the center or having a Zoom class with the students. Even when we shifted online, I found many opportunities at FCSN to keep me busy and engaged. I made a life-long friend in my one-on-one student, too!

Himani Mishra, SNTutoring Tutor

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