SN Individuals

Dear parents, is your special needs child having too much alone time? Maybe having tutors or playmates will help your child to be gradually more social and active in addition to learning things that interest him/her? 1:1 relationship can often open up our child’s mind and amazing things can really happen!

Who: FCSN members’ special needs child/adult (must belong to a Regional Center or has current IEP services with schools.) Click here to join FCSN membership.

When: Flexible, decided by you and tutor. 30-40 min./session

Where: Virtual classes at your own home

What: Any subjects/activities/materials, decided by tutor and you

Contact: or Yvette Ying | 

If you have a special case, or are not sure which “subject” to pick on the form, please pick “z Special Case”, and contact

Cost: $2/session (30-40 minutes) Extra Donations welcomed! Thank you!

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