About Us

Meet our wonderful coordinators here at FCSN!

Linmei Chiao

Linmei Chiao is an FCSN co-founder, Director of Volunteer Support & Director of the Adaptive Skills Training Program. She is proud to have co-founded the FCSN SNTutoring program and is now the advisor of the program. Linmei’s special needs adult son is one of the biggest fans and beneficiaries of the SNTutoring program.

Isabella He

Isabella He is a student at Stanford University, and serves as the Program Director for SNTutoring. She oversees the program’s progress, direction, initiatives, events, and more. Aside from SNTutoring, she also founded the FCSN Clubs program and co-founded FCSN Voices. She is passionate about volunteering for the special needs community and is excited to see SNTutoring expand and impact the community.

Prachi Trivedi

Prachi Trivedi is a first-year undergraduate student majoring in computer science and engineering. Prachi is a recent member of FCSN where she is the lead in designing the SNTutoring website. Outside of FCSN, Prachi enjoys her free time coding, doing art, and spending time with her friends and family. She is excited to work with FCSN and collaborate with all volunteers.

Yvette Ying

Yvette is a stay-at-home mom with a special needs 14-year-old son. She serves as the Parent Coordinator for SNTutoring. Yvette tries to address all inquiries, requests, and issues from SNTutoring parents in a timely fashion. Her family benefits a great deal from FCSN programs. SNTutoring is her way of paying back to the Special Needs community. She also serves as a Co-Director of the FCSN South Bay Enrichment Program. 

Joyce Lui

Joyce Lui is a senior attending Monta Vista and serves as a co-tutor coordinator for SNTutoring. She plans events and helps keep the tutor community close. She’s also an active volunteer and tutor. Outside of FCSN, she’s involved in colorguard, yearbook, and other volunteer clubs. She is thrilled for what’s in store with SNTutoring!

Veronica Poon

Veronica Poon is new to the FCSN family.  She finds volunteering at FCSN fulfills some of her pastimes after she retired from her IT management career.  Currently, she helps out with the volunteer database housekeeping tasks.  She is looking forward to contributing more to the SNTuroring program.  She has two adult sons, and the younger one is with special needs.  She likes spending time with her family and connecting with friends.  She enjoys hiking, bowling, gardening, and outdoor activities.  

Anahita Kashani Gregg

Anahita is currently a senior at Leland High School and has been an Assistant Tutor Coordinator for FCSN for over a year. She helps to manage and assist FCSN tutors and works on new initiatives and resources for tutors. Anahita also participates in her school’s robotics team, as well as the speech and debate program, where she is captain of her team. In her spare time, Anahita enjoys curating extremely niche Spotify playlists, wearing Doc Martens in the summer, roller-skating, and playing the piano.

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