FAQs (from Volunteers)

  1. Can I pick the age or the gender of my student? No. We encourage volunteers to be open-minded. Even though some students may be much older than you, their mental ages may still be very young. You deserve a chance to get to know SN students of different ages and types. However, in special cases, we can make exceptions to accommodate the student’s and your needs.
  2. What should I teach? How do I teach? Your student’s parent will be your best resource. Always ask them questions so you can better understand your student and ask them to give input for what and how to best help their child. In addition, SNTutoring supervisors and peer mentors are always available to support you (with general training, 1:1 training, material suggestions file, etc).
  3. How do my volunteer hours work? Once a student is assigned to you, you will be instructed to log your own hours (for preparation, communication & tutoring) and fill out a simple feedback form (also a Support Request if support is needed) after each tutoring session. Your hours will be reviewed for approval and kept in FCSN Volunteer Database for verification purposes when you need them.
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