How can I request a new tutor?

On this (SNTutoring.org) website, click on SN Individuals. There you can find a button titled “SN Individual Register Here” that will direct you to the registration form.

Is SNTutoring open to non-FCSN members?

As of April 3, 2022, we are excited to announce that we are opening SNTutoring to non-members of FCSN! SNTutoring’s goal is to uplift the special needs community, both within and beyond FCSN — this decision was made to help fulfill our goal and expand the benefits of SNTutoring to all those that need it.

The cost for SNTutoring session for members of FCSN is $2/session (30-40 minutes) and the cost for non-members is $3/session. We encourage SNTutoring families to join FCSN membership; it only costs $50 for lifetime membership for the entire family!

Can we pick the tutor’s age and gender?

We encourage parents to be open-minded. However, we can accommodate if it is a special requirement as per the child’s needs. The majority of our volunteers are high school students. We may also have a few college students, young adults, and professional or retired adults.

I submitted 1 request with 2 subjects, why did I get only 1 match?

Each request is granted 1 match only. We’ll try to match for Subject 1 first. If no match is found, our system will match for Subject 2. If you want 2 tutors for 2 different subjects, please submit 2 separate requests.

What happens if we do not like our tutor or want to terminate the tutoring with the current tutor, how should I proceed?

For new matches, you will get weekly Tutoring session check-in emails. For on-going tutoring, you will get monthly Tutoring session check-in emails. On these emails, you can find a link titled “Click here to access your record.” Under Parent Support Request, you can click on Add New to file a request for support. Our program supervisor will address your issue and take necessary actions to improve the session interactions. We usually try to work with the tutor for at least a month before making any arrangement to change/switch the tutor. This is subject to change in varying situations.

For termination, first clearly and graciously communicate your desire for the termination of service with the tutor. Then find the link Click here to access your record in the check-in emails. Update the Class Status to Class Ended and enter Class End Date. Please also add a Parent Comment to explain the reason for termination.

Do I have to be with my child during the tutoring sessions? 

We do require a responsible adult be within the hearing range during the class for liability concerns, to monitor Zoom video/sound qualities, and to observe in order to come up with constructive suggestions for the tutor, etc. For younger students, it is highly recommended that parents sit next to them.

Should I help my child when the materials are too hard for my child? 

For most cases, one should try to adjust the materials so your child can work independently. The monitoring adult is not encouraged to take over or assist much with students’ work. The main purpose here should be giving your child a fun time. When he/she is having fun, learning will come naturally. You can submit a Request if you would like support with the materials.

How soon should I make a payment?

How soon should I make a payment? Please make a payment soon after the 1st session if you decide to continue afterwards. Please estimate the number of sessions remaining in the quarter (e.g. Q1 for Jan.-March); your payment will be $2 x # of sessions

For the minimal fee of $2/session, to save hard-working coordinators’ time, the fee paying for this program is mostly run under the honor system. Parents are expected to self-motivate to pay and to self-track their payments. Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated!

  • Please pay the estimated amount  (# of expected sessions x $2/session), e.g. if you have 2 sessions per week in Q1 of 2021, pay $52 = 2 sessions/week x 13 weeks x $2/session. 

If there are classes from the previous quarter you have not paid, please add the missing amount. Credit should only be applied if you complete the Credit Request as instructed in Parent Guidelines item 5.

There will be periodic reminders of the 3 ways to pay:

  1. Make your check payable to FCSN then mail it to: FCSN Accounting Dept 2300 Peralta Blvd. Fremont, CA 94536
  2. PayPal to pay@fcsn1996.org. Please select Family and Friends. In the Memo, please include the program name FT01, period, and student’s full name, e.g. “FT01-Q1’21 Declan Sheng”
  3. 3) Zelle to pay@fcsn1996.org.  In the Memo, please include the program name FT01, period, and student’s full name, e.g. “FT01-Q1’21 Declan Sheng”.
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